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Tropical Breakdown

This is a page for those needing help knowing where to look for certain data. All of these links are present in the link directory here on weathercore.com. but may be hard for a beginner to locate. If you have ever asked "which sites have the invest model data?", or "where did that satellite image come from?", this is the page you need to see. This won't contain every site possible under each heading, but will give you some of the more popular sites. A preparedness section is also given. Be sure to check out the basic tropical forecasting tutorial for information on using some of these links, as well as the tropical page here at weathercore.com.




Main Tropical Sites - main sources for tropical info

National Hurricane Center - The official source, watches and warnings here

Weather Underground Tropical - Excellent source of information

U.S. Navy Tropical Cyclone Site - Great tropical resource, includes invest information

Preparedness - links on preparing for bad weather

NHC Preparedness Guide - Information from the NHC on storm preparedness

Red Cross Hurricane Awareness - Red Cross information on hurricanes

collinsfarm - collinfarm's blog at Weather Underground (also at All Weather Friends)

Humane Society Disaster Information - info. on preparing your animals for a disaster

Link Directory - Many disaster preparedness and emergency links

**note, the blogs may not contain tropical data, but typically do when storms are active**

Analysis - several links with analysis (read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page)

Dr. Jeff Masters - Dr. Jeff Master's blog at Weather Underground

turtlehurricane - turtlehurricane's website, Hurricane Warning

Alec - Alec's blog at Weather Underground

**note, the blogs may not contain tropical data, but typically do when storms are active**

Storm Specific Model Runs - for invests and designated tropical systems

Weather Underground - model runs for designated tropical systems

Skeetobite Weather - model runs for invests, and designated tropical systems

S. Florida Water Mgmt District - model runs for invests and designated tropical systems

Colorado State TC Guidance - model runs for invests and designated tropical systems


General Model Runs - for general model runs (mostly tropical, but not all)

Weather Underground - model runs for the NAM and GFS

Florida State University - different model run choices, including the UKMET and CMC

NCEP Central Operations - most of the North American models, can be run by region

Penn. State University - PSU Tropical E-Wall. Has good models and images.

Satellite Imagery and Tools - images, including water vapor, IR, shear, and wind products

NOAA Satellite Services Division - great satellite imagery site. Includes storm floaters.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center - excellent imagery, including the ability to zoom

University of Wisconsin-Madison Tropical Page - shear maps, steering currents, etc.



Recon Information
- sites with Hurricane Hunter Recon Information

NHC Recon Link - Recon info from the National Hurricane Center's site

Hurricane Hunters Site - information from the source, including explanations

WeatherMatrix - live recon data information

Recon Decoder - input recon data to get an easy to read format


Ocean Weather - ocean observations, including sea temperatures

National Buoy Data Center - shows data from buoys all around the world

Ocean Weather, Inc. - observations, temperatures, and graphics on ocean conditions

Ocean Temperature Profiles - sea temperature information, including depth of warm water

Sea Surface Temperature Contour Charts - sea surface temperature information

Storm Surge - Storm surge forecast from NOAA





**Disclaimer: Use this site at your own risk! It is NOT an official weather information source. This site is NOT to be used in the protection of life and/or property, or used in any decision making process. Consult the National Weather Service, or other official information source for such matters. The timeliness, accuracy, and reliability of the information on this site, and sites linked on it, are not guaranteed. The owner/operator of weathercore.com disclaims liability of any kind, without limitation, arising from the use of this site.**